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Here at TRT, we know that reputation is everything in business, and in life.

Television and radio coverage can be wonderful and help with marketing and brand confidence. It’s all dependent on how you project your company or corporate message to what could be MediaTraining600a national or global audience! It might be that a pushy journalist is attempting to coerce your company spokesperson into saying the wrong thing, or manipulating a statement for their own devices.

TRT are a company that really does make a difference. With a wealth of television and radio experience behind us, we can help you deal with all aspects of the media. Furthermore, we can proudly boast 30 years expertise coaching Blue Chip companies such as BAE Systems, BP, Arla Foods and Rolls-Royce, we really do know what works. We will help inspire confidence in you and your team to positively influence the media, and professionally handle enquiries or interviews.

As an introductory offer to our services, and how we can assist you, please do consider a complimentary [Media Interview] telephone Discovery Session. This can help ease any frustration you might feel, and provide solid achievable solutions. In your Discovery Session, you’ll discover the three fundamental mistakes Executives make that can sabotage interviews; plus, the number one secret every spokesperson must be aware of to help manage journalists.

During the Discovery Session you will learn how to exploit media opportunities to your advantage.  You will also gain Presentation226an understanding of proven strategies that can result in your spokesperson communicating ‘golden messages’ that inspire brand confidence and reassure your stakeholders.

After the Discovery Session, you’ll receive a bespoke coaching programme, and a step-by-step checklist on how to achieve persuasive media interviews. This is a genuine opportunity for you to develop your media skills. We are so confident that you’ll see the benefits of working with us, that for a short period we’ve waived our usual £195 fee. No where else will you receive such a glorious opportunity, and with just seven Discovery Sessions held each month, space is going to be limited. To take control of your own or your companies media communications, book your place call 0114 287 3170 or send an email to Susan@t-r-t.co.uk

Alford Grant, Managing DirectorTeaching and supporting business executives is my joy and passion. I’m looking forward to supporting you and your people.

Kind regards

AlfordAlford Grant
Former BBC Reporter and MD of TRT Ltd

To take control of your own or your companies media communications, book your place call 0114 287 3170 or click to send an email to Susan@t-r-t.co.uk