What our clients tell us...

For over a decade, Television and Radio Techniques (TRT) have consistently provided excellent media and communication skills training to South Yorkshire Police.

Their experience and know how provides our frontline specialist investigators the confidence and skill sets required to deal with the media in any circumstance.

We commissioned TRT for one day during an intensive 2-week training package that our Family Liaison Officers undertake, and it’s this day that our officers particularly enjoy and gain maximum benefit from. The feedback from the media day is exceptional.

TRT are particularly skilful in ensuring we turn complex topics and academic speak into clear points that work well with the media, and showing that our officers care, and speak from the heart. TRT provide our officers with practical and theoretical knowledge that enables them to feel confident when dealing with media enquiries.  Be it identifying 'good news' stories, through to managing negative publicity.

Officers receiving the training understand the importance of getting the media on side and using their resources to the full advantage when making appeals to the public. Their overall knowledge of the media industry and wider public relations expertise allows the training sessions to be authoritative and interactive. The use of realistic type scenarios that fully test our officers, are one of the many highlights of the training. The difference in officer performance at the end of the training day is obvious. Bringing in TRT expertise is definitely time and money well spent.

Television and Radio Techniques now provide all our frontline FLO’s with a robust understanding of the world of the press and media. This has given them the confidence they need to represent South Yorkshire Police in a professional manner, in whatever situation they face. TRT have given our officers the reassurance to face questions from journalists, and awareness of how to take control of and manage the situation in a professional manner. They understand our needs and deliver on them every time.

TRT’s training packages are highly professional, extremely useful and fully interactive. South Yorkshire Police Crime Training will continue to utilise TRT for all of its future training courses.

Marie Allen & Karen Cocker   Marie Allen & Karen Cocker
Crime Trainers, South Yorkshire Police

Dear Alford,

I wanted to say thank you for the public speaking coaching event you delivered to me in December 2013.

I found the entire day to be totally fascinating, thought-provoking, and above all, it exceeded my expectations.

After 24 years in the Armed Forces and 3 years with Veolia, this was my first taste of professional coaching.

What you provide isn’t ordinary training, it goes way beyond that, you have inspired me with the confidence to engage in public speaking.

The sheer simplicity and effectiveness of the ABC of Public Speaking, totally bowled me over.

For me personally, the concept of starting any presentation with a big idea before delivering salutations added a whole new dimension to public speaking. The idea of saying less yet adding depth through relevancy, is something I have already implemented.

For the first time in my professional life, I feel that I can be myself when I’m speaking to a room full of people. Your training has given me self confidence and genuine faith in my ability to communicate my ideas.

Thank you again. It was a real treat to experience top quality coaching whilst having fun and a laugh. As I told you on the day, the training I received is, for me, professionally life changing.

Kind regards,

David Field David Field
Regional Maintenance Manager (North), Veolia Environmental Services UK

“The training was extremely thorough and of great benefit to our staff, since it allowed them to further develop their own media skills within their own areas of expertise.

Alford and his team were excellent facilitators, making the sessions incredibly realistic but also enjoyable.”

Sally Jones Sally Jones
Press Officer, University of Worcester

Virgin Trains has successfully worked in collaboration with TRT, as providers of specialist media training for our senior management team since 1997. We later rolled out similar training to our regional management team.

The TRT training was bespoke and based on ‘real time’ media issues that affect our service. The professional trust developed between the two companies ensures that TRT work closely with us on highly sensitive and confidential issues, their integrity is without question.

The success of the training programme effectively means that Virgin Trains has media-trained managers located across its entire operating area, instilling confidence in the product and allowing a much more focused and timely response to all media requests.

Steven Knight Steven Knight
Communications Manager, Virgin Trains

We use TRT as media training providers for a range of academics. The training results in an increase in self confidence, technique and professionalism in dealing with media enquiries. The company’s trainers are first class, they listen, understand and deliver.

Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend TRT and hope to use the company again in the future for our media needs.

Kate Tyson  Kate Tyson
Communications Manager, University of Hull

It takes very special skills to be able to handle the rigours and stress of live television. Imagine how much more difficult it would be, if it was your first ever TV interview and it was with a highly experienced journalist, such as Jon Snow on Channel 4 News!

A daunting experience for the most experienced public speaker or high profile personality.

The television studio environment can be an intimidating place.  Bright lights, the heat, cameras focusing on your every move, while studio technicians shuffle around looking serious and intense. all the while, you are worrying about how you will come across, professional or nervous, smart and confident, or ill at ease and uncomfortable. In addition, you have to answer probing questions, some that seem intent on unnerving you.

Knowing this, last year we at TRT experimented by hosting our media communications course in a genuine state of the art TV studio in West Yorkshire.

The journey to help you become a powerful media communicator means we have to find ways to challenge you. True to life methods designed to test your behaviour under intense pressure, and teach you how to master and control your media opportunities.

We selected several companies and invited them to take part in a trial media event.

One such company was Syngenta based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Syngenta are part of a global business that operates across 90 countries. Employing more than 27,000 people around the world, and upwards of 2000 people work in the UK, they are frequently asked for live media interviews.

Public Relations Manager, Carl Sykes said remembers his day in the TV studio.

“I can honestly say that our decision to take part in TRT’s studio trial was a good one. The process took our media education to a new, higher level. The interviews were shorter yet more incisive. The feeling of walking into a real television studio, with bright lights shining, was intimidating and a perfect environment to test media interview skills. The insight into how a real TV studio operates really helped with the understanding. Time is of the essence and controls everything, making it important to get your message across in a few moments.

Having this experience gave a new perspective on the needs of broadcast media and why working with TRT will help you craft your own vital communication. Over the last 4 years working with TRT, we’ve had a thorough grounding in media interviews and we continue to be stretched in our learning.”

Carl Sykes Carl Sykes
Public Relations Manager, Syngenta

GMPT approached a number of media training providers and commissioned TRT based on their competitive quote, the thoroughness of their approach and the skills and experience of their consultants. Their Business Manager maintained regular contact with us, ensuring that the training was tailored precisely to learner needs, and that they had a good understanding of our business.

Despite inclement weather, the training took place on a snowy day in December, TRT had arrived and organised the training facility by 8am. The feedback received from participants was invaluable, the progress they had made over the course of the day was clearly evident.

We are currently planning further events with TRT and would definitely recommend them.

Agnes McHale Agnes McHale
L & D Officer, Greater Manchester probation Trust

I would highly recommend TRT for all Communications Skills training, be it one-to-one specialist sessions or one day group training. Each course is bespoke, and delivered in an informal manner with an excellent mix of 'theory' and practice.

For the last six years, we have worked closely with TRT, having a large number of our staff trained in media skills ranging from compilation, writing and distribution of press releases, to dealing with hostile interviews in a crisis   situation. These have been on a diverse range of topics, from sponsorship of the ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ competition to complaints of toxic odours from waste sites.

Through a combination of understanding, trust and expertise, even the most nervous and sceptical staff found their inner confidence and were vocal in their praise of TRT’s absolute professionalism. Participant feedback is always five star, and excellent.

The TRT commitment doesn’t end with the course. After each set of training, the TRT tutors provide me with honest written feedback to help us plan our staff’s development.

I now have staff from other parts of the business, and partner agencies, such as Councils, seeking the opportunity to train with TRT. As a result, we are now exploring with TRT, other areas of management development.

This may sound like a contrived testimonial, it isn’t. TRT genuinely know the media business inside out. Their bespoke training sessions really work, they prepare you for the glare of a camera in your face and the questions you might field.

Their knowledge of public meeting management, from meet and greet techniques to dealing with negative comments, has helped us tremendously in our plans for further investment at our sites. We are now able to transform negative issues into positive good news stories.

We wholly rely and trust TRT in all we do. In the last few months alone, they have performed telephone support for Veolia staff appearing on a national radio interview; helped prepare their people at our new site in Brighton, and prepared key people for a new energy from waste facility plant so they could handle local demonstrators protesting against the site.

No piece of work is too small for them, and I value their advice and integrity on all our business matters.

Martin Curtois Martin Curtois
Group Communications Manager, Veolia Environment

TRT was highly recommended by a colleague who had experienced their training at the Lloyds Banking Group. Within minutes of meeting Alford and Gary, I knew I had made the right decision in commissioning their services.

From the first conversation to the final training session, their attention to detail, and customer service was first class. The process of discussing and crafting a customised training schedule with Susan was straight-forward, focused and friendly.

I would whole-heartedly recommend TRT to anyone searching for a distinctive and highly skilled media presentation training experience.

Thank you,

Kathryn McLaughlin Kathryn McLaughlin
Media Relations Manager, OneFamily

TRT were recommended to us as a reputable company with a pedigree for getting results in media training. Within minutes of discussing the clients’ needs, we hired them. They understood what we required and effectively and efficiently delivered on it.

The results they achieved far exceeded our expectations. The training was not only highly structured, the teaching method was fresh, concise yet enjoyable. Alford handled some seriously tough questions from our client in an honest, candid and forthright manner. He showed precisely the strength of character needed for handling strong business leaders.

The outcome was the positive change in attitude and mindset from our client towards future media opportunities. Through the TRT training process, our client now understands why having a human face communicating their stories with strength and confidence is a fantastic way to protect their business.

We were so thrilled with the results from the training that we have asked TRT to provide a further four courses.

Emma Finn Emma Finn
PR Account Director, Amaze PR

As somebody who hated public speaking, the idea of giving a talk to any group of people was one that filled me with dread. I would mumble my way through Powerpoint presentations, head bowed, no eye contact, rattling on to get it finished as quickly as I could. The results were never professional.

After attending a taster session given by Alford, I can honestly say that his training made a real difference. Alford described what made people such as Barack Obama such great orators and had techniques for communicating messages in a genuinely interesting and engaging way, such as “painting pictures” with language and the three P’s – pitch, pace, pause.

The session actually made public speaking seem less daunting, and something that could be enjoyed with the right attitude and preparation.

As a result, I delivered two public speaking seminars, receiving great feedback, with colleagues approaching me and telling me how interesting and useful it had been.  This is all down to Alford and TRT.

Alford’s tips are rooted in common sense yet incredibly effective. The initial seminar I attended is the beginning of a journey and with continued practice I am sure I will relish giving presentations one day. If you want guidance in becoming a more effective public speaker then look no further than TRT.

Ruth Peterson Ruth Peterson
Press Officer, Skills for Justice