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As an Executive addressing the media, it’s critical you remain calm and deliver the right message.

A misplaced word, an off hand gesture or an emotional outburst could hurt your professional and corporate reputation. It’s therefore essential that top tier managers and directors receive the correct Executive coaching to help you develop and how to be media aware.

Keep reading, because I’ll share with you a time-tested solution designed to ease your frustration and give you peace of mind.

Our vast level of experience indicates three specific reasons why media coaching for Executives is essential.

TRT1To communicate messages free of corporate, business jargon.


TRT2To learn how to handle tough questions with robust answers.


TRT3To discover how to turn facts into stories and messages that embolden stakeholder belief about your business.


How do we get results? Through a potent mix of real world journalistic experience across all areas of the media, and through an understanding of business.


If you want to experience step by step, comprehensive structured coaching.

If you want your spokespeople to know how to communicate a clear and compelling point of view.

If you want to learn effective media communication.

If you want to learn the 3 essential steps to preparing messages simpler and faster.

If you want to know how to assert a specific theme critical to enhance your corporate reputation.


Call today for a FREE customised, bespoke proposal. We want to help, we want you to succeed, we want to impart to you, the benefit of our vast media experience. Allowing you and your business to develop and inspire confidence in your brand through media management.

Teaching and supporting business executives is my joy and passion. I’m looking forward to supporting you and your people.

Kind regards

AlfordAlford Grant
Former BBC Reporter and MD of TRT Ltd

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